Friday, March 19, 2010

That 70s Quiz

I realize that I didn't announce there would be a quiz today, but there's no need to panic. Many of these questions will be very simple for long-time Delaware County residents. Also, rest assured that this quiz will have no effect on your final grade. Good luck!

1) It was a movie theater on Chester Pike. Some say it was in Norwood, some say Prospect Park. It was converted to a roller skating rink and dance hall before a fire destroyed it. It was called ...

a. The Pike

b. The Benson

c. The Manor

d. The Palace

2) Today it's Tom-n-Jerry's on MacDade Blvd. in Milmont Park. But to the chic and happening Delco residents of the 70s it was known as ...

a. The Red Velvet Room

b. Fantasia

c. Carpe Deim

d. Mattero's T-Bar

3) Very few people had color TVs in the early 70s. But one business establishment in the Delcroft Shopping Center in Folcroft had one as a draw for customers to watch while they waited. It was ...

a. Painless Dentistry Center

b. Country Maid Deli

c. Pride Cleaners

d. Impriano Pizza

4) The well-dressed gentleman of the 1970s knew exactly where to go for high-quality suits, from classic cuts to … well, we're not sure they did leisure suits or those Nehru jackets. On Chester Pike in Norwood, it was called ...

a. Torrelli's

b. Bongiovanni's

c. Naimoli's

d. DeAngelo's

5) Which of these high schools was NOT combined to form the present day Academy Park High?

a. Darby Township High

b. Sharon Hill High

c. Yeadon High

d. Collingdale High

6) Which of these celebrities is NOT from Upper Darby?

a. Cheri Oteri

b. Tina Fey

c. Todd Rundgren

d. Judge Reinhold

7) On Chester Pike and South Ave. in Norwood there is the Iron Gym today. Back in the day it was a fast food place that came and went faster than the 15-cent hamburger. It was called ...

a. The Hungry Heffer

b. The Steer Inn

c. The Beef-n-Birch

d. Mom's Burger Bar

8) Which high school's sports teams were known as “The Tomahawks”?

a. Nether Providence High

b. Swarthmore High

c. Darby-Colwyn High

d. Lansdowne-Aldan High

9) Which of these gentlemen did NOT attend St. James High School in Chester?

a. Jamie Kennedy

b. Joe Klecko

c. Dr. Jack Ramsey

d. Jack McKinney

10) Barack Obama visited Chester during his campaign. Before that, who was the last presidential candidate to visit that city?

a. George W. Bush

b. John Kerry

c. Al Gore

d. Ronald Reagan


  1. c. The Manor

  2. d. Mattero's T-Bar

  3. c. Pride Cleaners

  4. a. Torrelli's

  5. c. Yeadon High

  6. d. Judge Reinhold (He's from Wilmington, DE)

  7. b. The Steer Inn

  8. b. Swarthmore High

  9. a. Jamie Kennedy (He went to Monsignor Bonner)

  10. d. Ronald Reagan


  1. hey jack,
    yet another successful post--kudos!
    these places are all pre-me (aka B.C.--"Before Chestnut"), but i have a feeling my dad would love this!
    ~amy c.

  2. Thanks, Amy! Your dad definitely experienced some of these places with us!

  3. Dr. Jack Ramsey coached basketball at St James and St Joe's College before he became a pro coach. However, he did not attend St James High School but rather went to Upper Darby High School. Jack McKinney played basketball at St James, coached St James and then St Joe's College before becoming a pro coach.

  4. You are so right, burrwood. Thanks for setting me straight!